Working from the Cloud
Working from the Cloud

Meet the complete IT pre-requisite with a complete virtual desktop

IT Pre-requisite

Without a virtual desktop the new way of working flexible and mobile is not possible. A first step is to be able to read your e-mail anywhere. The ultimate goal is of course to not only have access to e-mail but also have access to all your software programs that you daily use.


At this moment is a lot of different virtual desktops are available. All of these desktops bring you closer to your goal of becoming a more flexible and efficient organization. However the way in how your data and software programs are presented vary strongly.

The wrong choice will result in resistance with your coworkers against the new chosen way of working.. All kinds of daily actions you are used to now all of a sudden have to be done differently. Please prevent this by choosing a digital desktop that looks and operates most like your current desktop.

Do not Push

Because the step to becoming a more flexible and efficient organization is big enough for any enterprise we have developed a virtual desktop that does not force your coworkers to work differently. Where and when do not matter anymore. At the office, at home or in transit. Your personal digital desktop does not look different from what you are used to. The only thing new is the logging in through a protected internet page.

New technology has the best chance of success if it links into old habits and doesn’t force you to do daily activities differently.