Our Approach
Our approach

Getting started with ICTricity is very simple. One phone call to our service desk is enough.

Order direct

Wherever you and your organisation may be, you can order ICTricity fairly easy and fast. By telephone or videoconference we will process your detail information. Number of desktops, which applications & authorisation levels per user, email details, contact information, etc. After your approval you will be able to work with your mobile virtual desktop shortly.

For larger organisations with an already existing IT infrastructure we make the digital desktop available in the following 3 steps.

1. Intake

During the intake conversation we will map your current situation and needs. As a result of this conversation it will immediately become clear how ICTricity will work for your company. For instance the specific cost- and time savings for you organization will be calculated and also other efficiency improvements will be highlighted. Not just the advantages but also possible hurdles and focus areas will be made clear to you. The informatio will be translated into a matching offer.

2. Test and run

After your approval we will test and evaluate the virtual desktop within your organization. After migrating your data into ICTricity, you and your colleagues can work immediately with the desktop online.

3. Evaluation

Because we think it is important you are and remain pleased with our services, we plan an evaluation immediately after the implementation of ICTricity. This evaluation will occur –depending on your needs – every 6 months or yearly. In this fashion we stay current with your experiences with ICTricity.