Personal Attention
Personal attention

No more IT worries!

Depending on the form of ICTricity you choose service level agreements (SLA) are applicable. We think that the service part offered in combination with an IT managed service such as a virtual desktop is extremely important. Often our clients trust us with their entire IT needs. Just an SLA is not enough.


When you have questions or when you are facing an IT problem you can always have personal contact with one of our service support agents. They listen to your question or problem and will not bother you with technical details. You will hear what we are going to do to solve the problem and when the problem will be solved. Immediately you will know where you stand.

Flexible & Full Service

We handle many different client questions. Not just standard applications, we also offer specific enterprise applications, hardware, software, telephony, internet and on-site maintenance.


If there is something we cannot do, we will tell you this. If solving a problem will take all day we will not tell you that it will be solved soon. With us you know where you stand and you will not experience unpleasant surprises.

Core Competence

Delivering service is not something we do on the side because we have to. We have organized our service separately because we think it is important. You are dealing with people who are especially trained and present to help you. They are not people who also have other obligations and duties. There is real attention for your question.