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The short film will show you how easy it is to access your personal virtual desktop safely and from any computer

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Easy, fast and clear

The virtual desktop ICTricity is available day and night, operates fast and does not force you to work in a different fashion. Works on Windows, Apple and Linux platforms.

ICT is crucial

Many companies have IT internally organized. Often with good and often with bad experiences. In any case IT is crucial and demands a lot of attention, time and sometimes also worries. Till now!

IT departments expendable

On a continuous basis it becomes easier and cheaper to obtain IT services. Why hire people to install configure and maintain an infrastructure of networks, computers and servers? All this you can easily procure “out of the wall” for a lower price and a higher service level. This trend has started and is receiving a growing attention from small and medium enterprises.

Ready for the future

With a virtual desktop you know exactly per month what you use and spend on IT. New (temporary) employees? No problem. Extra desktops are easily and swiftly added so new colleagues can start working immediately wherever and whenever.

Start saving time, money and headache

Get a free demo account and see for yourself how easy the desktop operates and how complete ICTricity is.