ICTricity SAFE
ICTricity SAFE

Back-up & Disaster Recovery Protect your IT and stop worrying

Availability guarantee for the SME market

How big is the problem for your company should your IT facilities fail? How long does it take to recover a failed server? We often notice expensive maintenance contracts for the renewal of hardware. However renewal does not mean that your IT facilities will be up and running again. How long does it take for your IT administrator to recover the situation back to normal? And: when has this been tested recently?

Research points out that in the case of a calamity a great number of businesses are not able to recover from it in time. Emergency scenarios to help you guide through such a situation almost always do not exist. The assumption is often made that counter measurements are too expensive.

What would you say if a solution existed that not only organises and guards your backups but is also able to recover all facilities from a crashed server within 20 minutes? Interesting? Keep on reading!

What are the dangers?

Data loss (documents, mail)
Server crashes
Calamity (e.g. fire)
Failed / incomplete backups

What do we do about it?

Fast restores
Backup every 15 minutes
Secondary server in 20 minutes
Replication online (optional)
Monitoring of complete backup

Backup process

The SAFE! server will be placed and installed on your business site. After installation this server will make a complete backup of your Windows server every 15 minutes. This process of backing up will be closely monitored by our engineers in the datacenter. We will automatically take measurements should a problem occur. The entire backup process is permanently monitored and guarded from a to z!

Recovery process

Should something go wrong and you lose a file, email or document, than we can restore it completely from a remote location. If you wish we can instruct you to execute simple restores yourself. The backups are designed in such a way that your entire server can be replicated in a very short period of time. No long term installation processes but a speeded up process that circumvents all the usual hurdles.

Continuity guaranteed

The backup server can -should your server really break down- act as a secondary server. Within 20 minutes after you reported the malfunction will you be able to proceed again working from a virtual version of your “old” server. Your business continuity is guaranteed. We execute this process remotely and it is also tested monthly so you don’t have to!


ICTricity SAFE! solutions come in different price categories. For one to three servers with a total storage capacity of 400 gigabytes and online storage included you will only be charged € 175,- per month. That is roughly half of what you would pay on average for an Online backup account without the extra service!

Cost comparison


Example ICTricity BDR 400 Gb dataset

Regular Backup

Online Backup

ICTricity BDR


purchase drive (depreciation 4 yrs)

€ 1.800,00


Software (depreciation 4 yrs)

€ 1.800,00


purchase tapes (1 set of 10 each year + 12 month tapes)

€ 2.600,00


monthly maintenance costs (including monitoring and tape changes)

€ 50,00

€ 35,00


Monthly subscription fee


€ 400,00

€ 175,00

Total per month

€ 179,17

€ 435,00

€ 175,00