Full Media Desktop

Your own computer with all your personal settings safely in the datacenter.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

In the IT world many unclear words and terms are used. This is also the case for virtual desktops. In general you can devide the technology behind the desktops into 2 groups: Terminal Server and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The online desktop of ICTricity makes use of both technologies.

Terminal Server vs. VDI

The main difference between these 2 techniques is the personal character that VDI adds to the desktop. Background images can be personalised and shortcuts can be added to your liking. This means that no matter from which PC you log in, your desktop will stay the same just like you last left it.

Full Media

We call the VDI desktop “ICTricity Media” because the audio and video quality is the same as you are used to, like at home for example. Experiencing Youtube movies and full flash websites with many moving images, animation and video will be the same as you are now used to.