About ICTricity
Your office online

Everyone works independent from place or time!

Always and Everywhere Access

ICTricity is an online virtual desktop which gives you everywhere and always access to your personal documents and the latest software versions. The only thing you need is a PC or notebook with an Internet connection.

We call this innovative solution ICTricity because it works like electricity. When you put the plug of a certain device in the socket it works. ICTricity works in the same way. When you connect to the Internet with your PC or notebook you can work on your personal online desktop!

Focused on SME

The digital desktop is no longer predestined for large enterprises. A few years ago we created the digital desktop for a large organization. In the following years we further developed the virtual desktop and made it applicable for the SME market. ICTricity is fast, flexible and easy to use. So easy even that switching to this new way of working will happen seamlessly and with hardly any resistance from the employees or total organization.

Insourcing or Outsourcing

It is no longer necessary to hire/employ extra IT staff or to organize servers, computers and infrastructure yourself. On a continuous basis it becomes easier and cheaper to obtain and procure IT services. We not only offer an online desktop but we can also handle all your IT needs. A professional service & helpdesk handles all your IT related questions and take care of a prompt solution.

ICTricity advantages:

  • Always and everywhere access. The only thing you need is a computer with Internet connection.
  • Daily backup of all your documents.
  • Fileserver. Own network for easy storing and internal sharing of documents.
  • Protected IT infrastructure. All your documents, programs and e-mails are safely stored in the datacenter.
  • No high investments. No more expensive servers or extra IT staff.
  • Monthly subscription. No more long term contracts. Free of charge the service can be cancelled but can also be expanded or diminished on a monthly basis.
  • More than 30% savings. Cut cost heavily on software licenses, up-grades, maintenance and electricity.

Works on: Windows, Apple en Linux